Moby – ‘The Day’ (Little Idiot)



Earnestly absorbing the Berlin period Bowie/Eno sound and customary quirks, Moby just about lands in the leftfield encampment on his latest media-friendly electronic, but pained, anthem.

Bombast fuzzy operatic sized backing stir the emotions accordingly, accompanied by a refined terse layer of searing synths. ‘The Day’ tries it’s hardest to climb above the aching eulogy of a subject matter, namely terminal illness. Acting out the part of a repentant nurse to the suffering patient – see the over egging-it video that features Heather Graham – Moby croons a cheerless bewail, “She can’t get up anymore with the pain, the combination of the drugs has left her hopeless and lost”. Fortunately there is a more uplifting chorus as our guardian angel promises “I will always stay, till all this light just kills the day”.

Each of the featured trio of  versions differs only in subtle edits, with the LP version featuring a more sedate acoustic intro before the anthem bursts in and the radio edit which wastes no time with builds and preliminaries.

Lifted from the forthcoming Destroyed album, The Day doesn’t venture anywhere inherently new, or particularly surprise us, but it’s nevertheless a solid effort.


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