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Hit The Floor‘ is the new single from Brighton (or Falmouth in Cornwall) band, Tall Ships. Since the release of their debut self titled EP, they have been quickly gathering up speed and their latest EP ‘There Is Nothing But Chemistry Here‘ marked a change of sound for the band, their quirky instrument sound moving towards an avant garde Indie sound (think Battles mixed with Foals) with vocals to boot which has earnt them support slots with the likes of Minus The Bear and 65daysofstatic as well as becoming ever presents in NME.

Hit The Floor‘ very much follows on from their last EP but with the focus very much away from the beautifully bright and sometimes romantic sound (at least lyrically) on ‘There Is Nothing But Chemistry Here‘. Instead what we have is very much a dance floor friendly track with a bit of a cliché dance/indie drum beat that will definitely get those trendy kids moving and chanting along with the crowd friendly “Hey”‘s shouted in the chorus.

It’s hard not to admire Tall Ships for the amount of work they’ve put in and how much they’ve grown since their inception and I am a big fan of the band but to me ‘Hit The Floor‘ sounds like a track that is feeding into the current NME fad and we know how long they tend to last. Secondly, I feel it isn’t going to bring anymore people around to listening to the band. However, despite this being a song that I perhaps don’t think will stand the test of time like their material on the last EP, ‘Hit The Floor‘ is still produced brilliantly and has a Tall Ships tinge to it that leads me to believe they will still be one of the better bands I hear this year (and shall be here to stay for longer no doubt).



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