She Makes War covers Tiffany!

DIY purveyor and grunge Goddess She Makes War recently toured the UK to raise support for her forthcoming album, a project she’s funding through Pledge Music. You can pre order the release over here, offering as little or as much as you like and receiving handcrafted gifts – ranging from props from her “Olympian” video shoot to a day out in Brighton and an acoustic picnic performance – in return!

This coming Monday July 11th, Laura Kidd – the maestro behind the sound – is set to re-release her debut Disarm. The album has been promoted with a series of homemade videos – including “Slow Puncture”, which we wrote about last Tuesday.

To reward your attention, Laura’s recorded a cover* of Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now”, which you can exclusively listen to and download on God Is in the TV below!

* Okay, so it was originally penned by Ritchie Cordell but for the sake of my name and a catchy headline, let’s pretend that’s not the case.

1 thought on “She Makes War covers Tiffany!

  1. Wonderful cover!! I remember this being a hit by Tiffany in ’87, but also remember as a very young boy my older sister listening to this by Tommy James & the Shondells @ ’67-68. You made this your own and is better than the two I remember by far! Thank you for sharing.

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