Dope Body – Nupping (Hoss)

There is a rather thrilling type of music that expresses noise, aggression and anger without resorting to being Limp Bizkit. Dope Body are of that type. Riffs and drums are primal and urgent, the vocals strain at every leash with an unflattering and hard to decipher dirge welded to them and a middle eight is normally a passage of squeals and squawks. I say this as a positive in case you were wondering. ‘Nupping’ is uncompromising and although the band are ballsy enough to admit being influenced by Rage Against the Machine, sound more like the stoner grunge bands or Pissed Jeans. They even make me recall a more feral update on Modey Lemon in places. The production provides a more sonically pleasing take on their live sound (from the Youtube videos I have seen) and the album has enough twists and turns to not make it a one dimensional experience. ‘Nupping’ is a worth a listen and Dope Body might well be worth a punt beyond it.

[Rating: 3]

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