Track of the Day #13: Sinead O’Connor – Queen of Denmark (John Grant Cover)


In an attempt to move the spotlight away from failed marriages, childbirth, Madonna baiting, religious blasphemy and political irreverence, Mother Bernadette Maryhas only gone and recorded another album hasn’t she!  Perhaps better known as Sinéad O’Connor to most of us, her new album is out now and I am pleased report that the spitefulness has once again been suitably channelled into art.  I guess you’re either a fan or not and there is little sway promoted on “How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?” to encourage otherwise.  I count myself firmly on board, so found the album stimulating, in amongst the mass of insipid dribble that seems to be flooding out at the moment, The lady has a history of breathing fresh life into other peoples’ songs and the choice cut I have chosen today is just that.  It’s a cover of John Grant’s “Queen Of Denmark”; the original version was somehow amusing, whilst Sinéad’s has added the sense of bitter grudge that the song cried out for.

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