Track Of The Day #18: Craig Finn – Terrified Eyes

The Hold Steady are one of those bands who actas something of a guilty pleasure. Like most, I first caught wind of them in 2008 with the “Stay Positive” album and, whilst it represented so many thinks I disliked about the whole retro scene, I loved it. The follow up, two years laterwas weak to say the least, which gave me an odd feeling of contentment for somereason. Well the head honcho in the bandis Craig Finn and he’s just released a solo LP. Convinced I could use it for my bummer album of the week, I decided toventure into it and the b*stard’s done it again hasn’t he?! Not in the same way as “Stay Positive” by anystretch, but it’s made me realise it’s his voice that draws me in. The solo album is rooted in Americana and so won’t appeal if you have an adversity to it. But if, like me, that voice brings a lump to your ear, then sample ‘Terrified Eyes’ and grab yer pardner by the hand!!

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