The Morning Waffle, with Frank Turner.

The Morning Waffle, with Frank Turner.

We hope you’re enjoying the Friday morning contribution of wonk-a-zoid conversation to your lives. The answers we’ve been receiving from the mightiest of minds in the modern day music industry is fascinating and enthralling to say the least. I don’t know where they learn all these things from, Pete Waterman? Who knows?

Regardless, this week we have English ‘folk-punk’ troubadour powerhouse Frank Turner to discuss extraneous strands of tangential ideas with us. We even got a picture of him sat cross-legged on the floor, drawing a ‘Dream Fountain’ on sugar paper with us, but we lost it of course. Having a notable history in the expression of many a thought-provoking opinion from the realms of socio-politics to music industry management, in both his song-writing and offstage conversation over the years, Mr Turner made for an ideal candidate to have a whiz at the quiz. Here’s what came out.

What is your favourite tattoo of your own and/or someone else?

I actually got tattooed yesterday so I’m going to go with my new one. It’s a picture of a sinking ship, on my hip. A hipwreck, if you will. Part of a long and arcane in-joke with a close friend of mine.

Is the sport of boxing immoral?

No, if both the boxers are consenting adults, it’s entirely their business.

Can you clean dirt?

Uh, I suppose you probably can. I’m not the most cleanliness-oriented person in the world if I’m honest. Ha.

Is free healthcare a ‘right’?

No. It doesn’t exist. Healthcare could be free at the point of delivery (arguably a wonderful thing to aim for in a society) but it isn’t free, it just means it’s being paid for in some other time and place.

Should euthanasia be legalised?

Yes. I think that individuals are sovereign over their own bodies, even to the most extreme degree.

If I could be any character from my extensive knowledge of Greek mythology, I would be… ?

Uh, Tiresias?

Do you think that birds appreciate the views they get over picturesque landscapes?

I doubt it somehow. I think birds would probably find going to the cinema (to pick a random example) to be mind-blowing. I’d imagine that it’s all a little humdrum for them.


‘The Morning Waffle’ will be back next Friday with another extra-special guest, read last week’s here.

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