Young Knives – Reproduction

Young Knives – Reproduction

The beautiful Young Knives are ba-diddily-ack with a new album, Sick Octave (due September), released through fan funding website Kickstarter. Taken from the upcoming EP Oh Happiness (also funded through Kickstarter), gut feelings when listening to this comeback track continue to be: Dafuq did I just hear?!??

Reproduction is a hypnotic assault to the brain of dirty electronica, spacey sound effects and refrains of unintelligable distortion, all shadows and echoing yelps which eventually give way to melodic cracks of light. If Young Knives really are the musical equivelant of Mark from Peep Show, Reproduction is the episode where Mark pretends to take ecstasy before eventually ordering everyone out the flat and telling them there are “SYSTEMS FOR A REASON!”. Henry’s schizo, smack-happy vocals mood-swing between being “so messed up inside” before swelling and bursting scarlet. It’s not bad, just all a bit unexpected.

It’s good that by going slightly batshit they’re having fun again, even if we may have to wait a bit longer to really join in. Maybe come September we’ll find they’ve turned on Radio 4, made tea and toast, opened the curtains and that everything’s back to normal, with added DIY tension included.


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