Sheen – ‘Skylarks’

Sheen – ‘Skylarks’


The first encounter I ever had with Sheen was at my SU’s first (and as far as I know last) gig. The band was certainly not encouraged by the paralysed high-heel wearing arty students, but they were reserved, softly spoken and sounded incredibly delicate. The tracks they played flourished into airy sounds and had celestial shoe gaze written all over them. After a year, it’s incredible to see how much they’ve grown in confidence into a swaying and flailing six-piece. They say that after all, strength is in numbers.

‘Skylarks’ is an anthemic and melancholic single and is a great introduction to the band’s newly found shoe gaze and their pretty luscious sound. The track though isn’t completely ethereal as in their previous work, and it’s put back into the ground with its pounding drums, jangly and grungy guitars and ominous male backing vocals. Aneta Wrzos’ divine raspy vocals also seem to be more influenced by 90s riot grrrl bands in the style of groups like Splendora than ethereal bands such as Cocteau Twins. Produced by Samantha Bennett, who’s previously collaborated with The Horrors, the track is a bold and refined Sheen manifesto, and will be released on 11 November via their own 078 Recordings.

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