Track Of The Day #536: MANKIND – Blood, Sugar

Track Of The Day #536: MANKIND – Blood, Sugar


What kind of insanity lies here? It’s Stockholm four piece MANKIND  with their debut track  “Blood, Sugar”  plunging the murky depths with an incendiary, pummeling slice of psych’d up garage and it’s simply unstoppable!

Surfing the uncomfortable line between the brutal sneer of Iggy and the Stooges the serrating edges of Sonic Youth and the spasmodic sound of ‘In-Utero’ era Nirvana. Arthur Batsal’s tourettes like snarl punctuates this twitching battered corpse of rock n roll, as the pumping drum beat, scalpel like guitars incise,  all dripping with the attitude of the dark and dingy garage underground from which it emanates. It is frankly barkingly brilliant….

There’s something going on. An emerging scene reacting to the overwhelming EDM rains that floods every single garage here without mercy – wiping out the kids trashy hang-outs where they desperately tries to ruin their lives. Garages are turned into silent aquariums. It is such a perfect clean-up. But hey, the aquarium is cracking up.


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