Track Of The Day #655: Lea Porcelain – Similar Familiar

Track Of The Day #655: Lea Porcelain – Similar Familiar

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Like an oncoming train, hurtling towards you, horns blaring and pulling a heavy and tremulous sonic arsenal that’s just about ready to explode. This song exists in the intersection where XTRMNTR era Primal Scream collides with the fractured post punk of Suicide, ominous motorik kraut rumblings and the thudding electronic trickery of prime era Underworld. This is ’Similar Familiar’ the awesomely hypnotising debut single Frankfurt based electronic duo Lea Porcelain, and it has our instant attention.

“DJ Julien Bracht’s unique brand of breakbeat techno has been drawing audiences in their thousands for the past four years. While Markus Nikolaus is a swiftly evolving voice that has been making waves in the independent music scene in New York and Berlin among other places.”

You can catch the duo making their live London debut on March 12th at The Waiting Rooms in Stoke Newington.

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