Track Of The Day #662: Benjamin Yellowitz – Ash Wednesday (BYz Records)

Track Of The Day #662: Benjamin Yellowitz – Ash Wednesday (BYz Records)

Benjamin Yellowitz promo shot


Pop, as it turns out, has a darker side, as Benjamin Yellowitz shows off to breathtaking effect. Although strictly speaking it isn’t what you might expect from straight-up “pop” music, it isn’t too far off something that America’s favourite Justin Timberlake might put out, but with an alternative rock twist. Yellowitz’s vocal range is intriguing, ranging from brooding and reserved to a bold and gravelled tone – and all with an incredible confidence that doesn’t verge on arrogant, and it all works very well. ‘Ash Wednesday’ is, in his own words, the most rock-influenced track on his debut EP, released very soon, with the aforementioned single out right now.

Somehow Benjamin Yellowitz creates a sound with ‘Ash Wednesday’ that’s stripped back, raw and yet still polished in its production. The EP, he says, is a real mix of influences and sounds, all of which makes for something very exciting. This is just the beginning and ‘Ash Wednesday’ really is just the tip of the iceberg that is Benjamin Yellowitz.

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