NEWS: Wilderness reveals 2015 Talks and Debates lineup

NEWS: Wilderness reveals 2015 Talks and Debates lineup


Dates: 6th – 9th August 2015
Location: Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire

Famed as much for its cerebral fringe activities as music, arts and culinary adventures, Wilderness has once again pulled out all the stops, delivering mind-expanding 340 hours of Talks and Debates that will keep even the most curious and analytical festival-goer intellectually stimulated and entertained.

Grouped around three central themes – “Brave New Worlds”, “Who the hell do we think we are!?” and “Freedom of Expression”- Talk and Debates will be exploring key ideas, with people like the RSA’s CEO Matthew Taylor, Guardian columnist Zoe Williams, GQ editor Dylan Jones, popular philosopher Julian Baggini, TV historian Dan Snow and “the patron solicitor of previously lost causes” Mark Stephens.

The much-loved Sunday Papers Live will be present and correct, bringing the broadsheets to life, section by section, performance by performance, with poets, politicians, musicians, actors and writers covering travel, world news, style, gardening, sport, business and culture, all in brilliant irreverent style. Atheist church The Sunday Assembly will once again be gathering to celebrate life through pop songs, readings and talks.

Throw in salons and readings from publishers, anarchic comedy, meditations, literature, theatre, circus, practical skills workshops, music and you have a slew of events that no enquiring mind should miss.

For tickets and more line up information click here.

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