NEWS: PJ Harvey shares new single ‘The Community of Hope’

NEWS: PJ Harvey shares new single ‘The Community of Hope’

Ahead of the release of her new album The Hope Six Demolition Project in April, two-time Mercury Prize winner PJ Harvey is currently streaming new single ‘The Community of Hope.’  Following on from lead single ‘The Wheel,’ the track paints a desolate portrait of the American capital, referencing the titular Hope Six Demolition Project, a plan by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to help rejuvenate public housing projects.  She sings about the “pathway of death” and refers to the area as a “drug town” before closing with the powerful refrain, “they’re gonna put a Walmart here.”  Listen below.

Five years since the release of her last album, The Hope Six Demolition Project will draw on Harvey’s experiences travelling across the globe, particularly her time spent in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Washington D.C.  Recorded in residency at London’s Somerset House, the LP has been produced by Harvey’s regular collaborators Flood and John Parish.

She will also be appearing at a number of festivals across Europe this summer, including Field Day on 12th June, her first appearance since 2004 at Glastonbury on 26th June and a more intimate performance at the Eden Sessions in Cornwall on 27th June.

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