Shonen Knife – Adventure (Damnably)

With over three decades and nineteen albums under their belts, fierce Japanese girl pop, girl punk band Shonen Knife have more than proved their staying power.  Although they’ve remained consistently productive during that time (and their most recent album prior to this one, Overdrive, was only released in 2014) the band have undergone a dramatic line-up shift, adding drummer Risa and bassist Naru with only Naoko Yamano remaining of the original line-up.  Despite this, Adventure, written by the group collectively about their experiences of the last few years, doesn’t greatly depart from form: if you’re looking for Ramones-influenced pop punk with their trademark cute and quirky lyrics, here you’ll find more of the same. The bland but topical cover, giving the Shonen Knife logo a Superman makeover, distracts from an otherwise solid and poppy album – the titular adventure can be found in cute songs about Risa joining the band (‘Jump Into The New World’), songs about distant lands (‘Tasmanian Devil’, ‘Hawaii’) and even closer to home: in the track ‘Green Tangerine’, the band imagines the potential of a ripening fruit from Risa’s hometown, Oita, singing, “It has just begun / No one knows the future.”  For a band with … Continue reading Shonen Knife – Adventure (Damnably)