VIDEO PREMIERE: Wolf Solent – Countless Minds

VIDEO PREMIERE: Wolf Solent – Countless Minds

Danny Barton understands the power of noise. He also knows a thing or two about melody, obfuscation and the true spirit of rock’n’roll. And here once more the man who is Wolf Solent harnesses the former to the latter and steps back in time in search of a template for the perfect post-modern musical landscape.

Taken from Wolf Solent’s third Extended Play outing  EP // 3, Countless Minds’ recreates all of the mystique and mysticism of some half-forgotten hallucinogenic experience. And Alexander Scott went down to Melrose Yard Studios in York to capture it all on film, his hazy monochrome video footage slowly revealing the gritty lo-fi psychedelic texture of the song.

EP // 3 is out now on Sea Records and can be bought HERE

Video credit: filmed and edited by Alexander Scott

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