Track Of The Day #879: Bloody Knives – Cystic VIDEO PREMIERE

Track Of The Day #879: Bloody Knives – Cystic VIDEO PREMIERE

Austin Texas’s Bloody Knives latest single ‘Cystic’ carves out discordant sounds from layers of static and noisescapes.  Like the brutal gazy walls  of sound created by the A Place To Bury Strangers colliding with the kind of nihilistic doom of The Birthday Party splattered in ominous synths.  There are moments of intense beauty; atmospheric filth, icy vocals, nasty synths, buzzing noise, pummeling drums and driving bass creating a feeling of moving at breakneck speed while standing still, of being comfortable lost in the chaos.  What’s more we have the video premiere for the track.

It’s lifted from their new album I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This.  Here’s what the band say about the track and accompanying video:

“This song was the last song written for the record and also the introductory track, the melodies and lyrics encapsulate the overall mood and general theme of the album.  Ritch’s melody at the end was done on an OP-1 synth that Gary Numan signed, improvised while just hearing that section of the song for the first time.  In the video, the protagonist slowly morphs into a demon which reflects the lyrical theme of a person discovering the evil inside of them and giving into it, the process killing off any chance at redemption.  The title is a medical term used to describe both a tumor like sac containing fluid in humans as well as the protective capsule that protects a larvae during its resting period.  The blooming of evil, the manifestation of disease.”

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