Track of the Day #885: Nova Twins – Hitlist

Track of the Day #885: Nova Twins – Hitlist

Genre-bending London duo Nova Twins have released their second single ‘Hitlist‘ from their upcoming self-titled debut EP.  They self-describe as “urban punk“, incorporating elements from different styles of music which makes for a thrilling blend of sonic attacks. In terms of the song’s attitude, this is clearly not a band to be messed with.  They’ve been blowing away crowds for the past the two years and fans are eagerly awaiting their debut EP.  Expect hard-hitting sounds and a lot of underground hype for this band.

Here’s what Afropunk had to say about the new Nova Twins single:

Nova Twins are a female urban-punk duo from South East London.  The duo is comprised of two badass musicians who each play guitar and bass while being accompanied by a live drum kit.  The band’s newest single is called ‘Hitlist’ and it’s a tough, in-your-face track about self-assertion and staking their claim in punk-rock music and two young women of color.”

 Nova Twins EP is released 22nd of July.

Photo: Marieke Macklon


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