NEWS: The Raveonettes share new track ‘A Good Fight’

NEWS: The Raveonettes share new track ‘A Good Fight’

Danish indie rock duo The Raveonettes have been busy putting out a song every few weeks during 2016 as part of their own “Rave-Sound-of-the-Month” playlist.  The duo have been uploading a freshly recorded track every last Friday of the month, in the lead up to the creation of an “anti-album.”  The 12-month exploration is meant to go against the grain of the LP format, with the resulting record being released as a deliberately disjointed collection.

The eighth instalment of this collection of seemingly unrelated tracks is ‘A Good Fight.’  As might be expected from the Danes, it’s a typically fuzzy affair, but one also sees them experimenting a little with different tempos and some electronic beats.  The band’s Sarah Rose Wagner said: “The song basically portrays a dysfunctional relationship and what that could entail.  Various scenarios of what could have been great gone wrong.”  Listen below.

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