Video Of The Week #2: The Wolfhounds – My Legendary Childhood

Video Of The Week #2: The Wolfhounds – My Legendary Childhood

C86 alumni The Wolfhounds recently announced the release of their first standalone LP since 1990’s ‘Attitude’.  We have the premiere for the nostalgic video for their track ‘My Legendary Childhood’ – a wholesome, jangly ode to the much-missed carelessness of childhood.  Watch the video below. it taps into the songs nostalgic air, we see a series of iconography from the 1980s, all framed in clever visual effects that could date from the time when the Wolfhounds first emerged.

Here’s what the band say about the song:
” The song is looking backwards and forwards at the same time, saying that the warm memories of youth belie the struggle, poverty and recklessness of reality then.  The glamour of the past was the over-spill of energy being sprayed in a rough direction, only later being put in order and making sense.  It’s saying that despite this, we had fun and got on with creating and reinventing ourselves, and that’s what we should do now, too, with or without the virtues of youth.”

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