NEWS: Do it for your band – British Sea Power crowdfunding appeal

NEWS: Do it for your band – British Sea Power crowdfunding appeal

They’ve played on ships at sea, inside a mine, on top of the Great Wall of China, at CERN and the Chelsea Flower Show.  They threw a party in Britain’s highest pub and shared stages with brass bands and a ten-foot Hammer Films bear.  Their lyrics feature alongside quotes from Shakespeare and Coleridge on the walls of National Maritime Museum.  British Sea Power, the guardians of the art of soundtrack and champions of “high-church amplified rock music”, are now offering fans an opportunity to be part of their wayward quixotic history through the new album crowdfunding venture.  The special gig-entrance tattoos grant a lifetime passage into all of BSP’s headline shows and organised events.  As is to be expected, the tattoos will be nautically themed and created by the band themselves, but promise to be “free of indiscreet language and life-size representation of Putin’s brain.”

BSP are also offering a range of less pricy (and less painful) ways to help with the costs of their latest musical escapade.  For £5, your name could be added into the album booklet; and there are numerous ways to pre-order the new album itself, including bundles with t-shirts and mugs.

As the band say on their shop site: “Only with these vital funds are BSP able to complete the recording, mixing and design of the packaging, retain 100% ownership of the album and, in a single bound, revive rock and pop for the contemporary era.”

Stand up and be counted!  Be part of the sea powered rock history NOW.

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