Track Of The Day #1066 : Son Of Dave – Daddy Was A Wolfman

Track Of The Day #1066 : Son Of Dave – Daddy Was A Wolfman

Sounding rather delightfully like Tom Waits covering Lou Bega‘s ‘Mambo No. 5‘ (or Pérez Prado‘s, if you really want to be pernickety about it), Son Of Dave‘s brilliant ‘Daddy Was A Wolfman‘ would surely have been a shoe-in to have found its way onto the soundtrack of a True Blood episode, had the show still been going. And of course, many of the erstwhile Benjamin Darvill’s tunes have indeed featured on some of America’s greatest television shows, perhaps most notably the remarkable Breaking Bad.

But, as playful as the record seems, it’s not solely made up jovial jitterbug jive. Quite the contrary, if you pay attention, for the song clearly has a social conscience: “Blame it on the government/You blame it on me/You blame it on the immigrant/You won’t take responsibility that your daddy was a wolfman.”

Daddy Was A Wolfman‘ is taken from Son Of Dave’s forthcoming album Music For Cop Shows, due out in late October, and if this doesn’t whet your appetite, may I direct you please to a lovely little pub in Yorkshire called The Slaughtered lamb, where I am sure the locals will be more than happy to welcome you with open arms…

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