EXCLUSIVE: Kermes ‘Yr Beast’ Video Premiere

EXCLUSIVE: Kermes ‘Yr Beast’ Video Premiere

If ever there was a band to disprove Muse‘s Matt Bellamy’s recent claim that guitars are on the way out, then surely it is Leicester’s Kermes.

It’s not what you’ve got, Matt, it’s how you use it, and this four piece have been ripping it up over the last couple of years to create something that sounds kind of familiar but also highly original. If you can imagine Antony Hegarty at his most fragile, or, indeed, Anohni at hers, you have an idea of how this blisteringly powerful new single begins. That’s before it cooks up a kind of ‘punk grunge’ cocktail which rails against the frustrating ignorance displayed by people who feel somehow threatened by trans folk. “I’m not sorry for the state of my body. I’ll never be sorry” sings (and growls) Emily defiantly over gloriously ramshackle backing vocals and an intense, empowering melody.

Emily says of the track: ““There has been so much noise made about the increased visibility of trans people in the mainstream media, and that’s great, but visibility isn’t the same as actual understanding. trans people are constantly undermined, ignored and held to impossible standards. our basic rights are an abstract plaything for politicians to throw around at will. we are mocked and judged and generally treated like shit just for having the audacity to exist. it’s a rigged game, and this song is about refusing to play along anymore… also, it’s a total bop.”

Anyway, God Is In The TV is proud to present to you the premiere of said track, surely the sound of a band truly on the up.

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