Video of The Week #132: Sassy 009 – Thrasher

Video of The Week #132: Sassy 009 – Thrasher

Parliament is imploding, our country is amidst the turmoil of Brexit, sometimes it’s impossible to look at the news such is the plughole of despair that it will suck you into. Sassy 009‘s new single and video for ‘Thrasher‘ could be the dystopic soundtrack, broken, ominous and unsettling.

Shifting uneasily between introspective future pop, cut up electronica and hip hop, the disquieting cracking open of the inner psyche is nightmarish, otherworldly innovative and compelling, utilising simmering Roland Juno 106 and Oberheim-OB6 synths and welding them to fractured beats that sitter and shudder.

While hypnotic refrains that skip through skits, whips of melody and caustic screams delve deep into the dirt, it’s the sound of an imaginary collaboration between Aphex Twin, Grimes and Billie Eilish. Rome may be burning but Sassy 009 is determined to stare it in the eyes.

‘Thrasher’ Is taken from the Oslo artist upcoming EP ‘KILL SASSY 009’ and her first as a solo artist. Lindgaard began to explore the duality that arose from changing personal circumstances and prospering creative ones.

For the past few years I’ve learnt to live with a lot of unexpected wavy stuff turning me upside down emotionally” she says. “While also seeing my musical career blossom. This two-sided lifestyle makes me create music for some reason, and the process evolves itself by my strong will of wanting to cut through the membrane between confusion and clarity”

 “I had quite an intense period of fascination for the universe and existential thoughts, as well as being very much into spaceship aesthetics.” She says “I have a thing for things I don’t understand, like time and space.” 

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