Video Of The Week  #139: Glimmermen – It’s Nice

Video Of The Week #139: Glimmermen – It’s Nice

The charts are rigged! This may or may not be true. And I may or may not know people who were involved in “match fixing” when Mr. Blobby topped the festive top 40 in 1993, partly because they wanted to stop Take That from doing so, and possibly because of a handsome sum that certain folk made as a result (not me, I hasten to add!). I could not possibly say whether this is true or not. Glimmermen, though, are more than happy to exploit the benefits of chart rigging in their rather splendid new video to their equally agreeable latest single ‘It’s Nice’. Like a cross between Lady’s Bridge era Richard Hawley and the slacker pop of Weezer, the promotional flick features the band in ridiculous false beards and glasses as they go about their business employing the underhand tactics of buying in bulk and burying said stock somewhere out in rural Ireland. It’s an extremely entertaining, humorous four and a half minutes that doesn’t take long before its tune is rooted in your head for the rest of the day.

It’s Nice‘ is taken fron the band’s vinyl only album release Here I Stand, which comes out on 9th November.

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