EXCLUSIVE: Clwb Fuzz ‘No Heaven’ Single Premiere

EXCLUSIVE: Clwb Fuzz ‘No Heaven’ Single Premiere

One of our tips for 2020, Cardiff’s post punk / grunge four piece Clwb Fuzz’s fearless commitment in creating an intoxicating wall of sound has already bestowed on them an impressive live reputation. That live intensity is perfectly captured by producer Tom Rees (Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard) on ’No Heaven’, Clwb Fuzz first release on Libertino, which we are excited to be debuting this morning below.

‘No Heaven’ is built on a darkly brooding bass line, purposive motorik drums and spiralling reverb rich guitars on which Emily whispers the lyrics in Nico-esque cool indifference.

Emily Kocan, the bands bassist and co vocalist, explains the inspiration for the song: “Instrumentally I recall listening to a lot of The Breeders, their album “Pod” specifically I had on repeat a lot. I’ve always been a big fan of Kim Deal and her dominant bass-lines and feminine vocals with elegant yet menacing hints of filth, I really like that”

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