EXCLUSIVE: Michael Medrano shares ‘Hands On U’ Lyric Video

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Medrano shares ‘Hands On U’ Lyric Video

I’ve been a huge Michael Medrano stan for a long time and I’ve gotten to join him on his musical journey and watch him soar from height to height as he discovers and displayed his artistic ability and transforming into an indie pop prince. 

From his standout hit ‘Fluids‘ to this new offering ‘Hands On U‘, a sultry sex-positive anthem for the isolation era that mixes classic disco with more modern electronic-pop aesthetics to create a retro-tinged banger with intricate and masterful production that gets better every time you listen to it; And believe me, you’ll have this one on repeat.

In celebration of his new release, Medrano put together a lyric video inspired by retro porno movies and the result is nothing short of fantastic. On discussing the video he says:

“The entire set was built in my living room by myself and collaborator Isaac Luna. We redesigned a corner, built light-posts, borrowed some props from a friend, and got to work. Shot and edited with Luna, we wanted to let everyone into a little piece of my world.

‘Hands On U’ by Michael Medrano is out now.

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