EXCLUSIVE: Samana unveil new single ’The Glory Of Love’

EXCLUSIVE: Samana unveil new single ’The Glory Of Love’

Wales-based duo Samana return with their latest single ’The Glory Of Love’.  It is taken from their forthcoming ’The Spirit Moving’ EP (set for release on October 22nd), today we are debuting this rickety and tender song below.

Self-produced, recorded and mixed whilst holed-up in a remote part of France while the world was locked down earlier in the year, the band explain “‘The Glory Of Love’ is a mantra, stripping away the veneer of everything in life that distracts and overwhelms; to realign the soul with the importance of what it is to be rooted. This song marks the value of connection, returning one to the fundamental principle that lies at the heart of all things – the profundity of what it is to truly love, and to be loved.”

‘The Glory Of Love’ is the second of new a new series of releases from the band who have just received support from the Arts Council Of Wales. 

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