S.C.U.M – Again Into Eyes (Mute)


Being constantly compared to The Horrors, ‘Again Into Eyes’, S.C.U.M.’s debut album has proved those comparisons wrong. Album opener, ‘Amber Hands’ has attention-catching riffs followed by two songs which share the prefix ‘un-’: ‘Days Untrue’ and ‘Faith Unfolds’ which I adore. ‘Days Untrue’ seems a bit darker than its following track; ‘Faith Unfolds’ however, is more uplifting with drum beats at the beginning of the song. Being rather self-explanatory, this track explores themes around the subject of ‘faith’. With choruses that repeat the line ‘when we dream of faith’, one must admit that ‘Faith Unfolds’ is a very captivating song.

Only one of the few songs that were recorded by the band in various European cities made it onto the album: ‘Paris’ being an obvious choice. The track itself is slow-paced and features some elegant piano sounds -reminiscent of a 1980s’ power ballad with an indie twist. ‘Summon The Sound’, towards the end of the album, is an aggressive-sounding track which definitely leaves a strong first impression on new listeners. Finally, ‘Again Into Eyes’ ends with its very own ‘title track’ which is ‘Whitechapel’. I fell in love with this track instantly when it was released; it has now become my favourite song to play on the drums. The accompanying video with its juxtaposition of bright lights and shadows adds to the atmosphere of the song.

Personally, I think it was a smart move to bookend the album with the band’s two most recent singles, and in the process it caught my attention.  From beginning to end I truly enjoyed the bass line, and frontman Tom’s spiritual vocals; a very well-crafted debut.

[Rating: 4.5]

Release date: 12/09/11




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