Preaching from the Pews: Katie Malco

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Katie Malco writes music for “people that don’t like N-Dubz and so on”. This is evidently not one for any faux-gangsta rap fans out there.

With an arrangement that contains handclaps, cooing verses and the ever present acoustic guitar, Malco avoids the typical girl-with-guitar genre by pushing stalwart pop tunes to the forefront of her music. The result is a simple bow to innocence in the face of adulthood, ready to be filed between Laura Hocking & The Long Goodbye and early Emmy the Great. The Fife native quotes Bruce Springsteen, The Weakerthans and The Shins amongst her favourite artists and has worked with various members of My First Tooth and Reuben. Strangely, others have compared her to Laura Marling and Marcus Mumford, though if you can hear their influence then write me a letter, because my ears must be broken.

Recently signed to Alcopop! Records, her new EP Katie Malco & The Slow Parade is due out for release on November 23rd and was produced by Iain Archer. Though all five tracks induce an unwavering smile and memories of a rapidly fading summer, opener “Laadeedaa” sparks the fire and keeps it lit throughout slower ballads like “Get in the Car” and “Florence Nightingale’s House”. For more information on the release, go here.

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