Anomie Belle new single – ‘Machine Ft. Mr Lif’

Anomie Belle

Seattle-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and film composer Anomie Belle teams up with hip-hop emcee Mr Lif (The Perceptionists, Thievery Corporation) to release her new music video for “Machine.”

Lif and Anomie first teamed up in 2009 to perform at Bumbershoot in Seattle and immediately connected around their shared values and musical sensibilities. These days, the two find that they are not alone. “A bright and prescient lyricist, [Anomie Belle’s music] should be the theme song to the Occupy Wall Street movement,” writes James Stafford. “I’m elated so many are mobilizing with “Occupy” protests in many cities,” Lif writes. “Without these types of movements, corporate greed will continue to run amok & destroy everything in it’s path unchecked. [My music] is made in the spirit of sparking & supporting these types of efforts… musical ammo for the movement.”

In “Machine,” Lif and Anomie dish out harsh criticism of the enormous discrepancies in wealth, avarice, oppression and poverty that characterize modern society. “We create systems that justify our greed, embody culture that makes it easy to believe that hollow pleasures and the lassitude of wealth are not days squandered on fixation with yourself,” Belle sings.

In “Machine,” the two are quick to point fingers inward as well as outward, donning the attire of both the perpetrators and the victims of economic inequality in their new music video. “I have done unconscionable things in pursuit of dreams fed to me on the screen, and how is my life so much more precious than anybody else?” The chorus rings.

“Piecing her name together from words meaning social unrest and a beautiful and charming woman, Seattle trip-hopper Anomie Belle has lofty aims echoing her view of music as a powerful vehicle for education and enlightenment. Meshing sultry vocals and moody instrumental programming, with a healthy amount of layering added to both, Anomie Belle tackles spectacle and alienation both lyrically and sonically,” writes Seattle Weekly. “Beautiful Desocialization and is a moniker quite apropos for Anomie Belle,” writes Hellbomb. “Her songs are critical of blind adherence to consumerism. They’re swanky and sexy, but they also champion individuality and critical thinking.”

Lif has long been noted for his socially conscious and critical lyrics, and is currently touring with Thievery Corporation in support of his appearance on the title track of their new album, Culture of Fear. “Mr. Lif’s lyrics often have a sharp political edge and a strong message of uplift and community,” writes NPR.

“I grew up in your prototypical American suburb,” Anomie Belle explains. “The manicured lawns, strip mall parking lots, chain stores, and massive expanses of cement and housing developments depressed me. I chose the moniker Anomie Belle to speak to the decadent alienation of the American dream.”

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