Tips for 2012: a year of Preaching from the Pews (Part 2)

Earlier in the year God is in the TV had a virtual board meeting. Tired of publications thoughtlessly sprouting hyperbole and praising the UK’s latest go-getters only to abandon them weeks later, we decided it was time to make a stand against consumerism on the internet. Enter the New Music section, part of the site dedicated to the continued promotion of up-and-coming musicians who surpass the usual and shine at what they do. Fundamentally, we’ve been operating a yearlong Tips for 2012.

The response has been fantastic, and you readers voted in Mary Epworth, An Axe, To Arms Etc and Ed Tullett as our respective Featured Acts. Their coverage culminated in our first ever showcase in London this November, with each band playing to a packed out and appreciative crowd.

But this feature isn’t about them. Continuing on from our first Preaching from the Pews roundup before the holidays, Tiffany Daniels takes a look at another seven of our 2011 tips who should cause a storm in the coming year. With exclusives from EULA and Roxy Rawson!

pengillys 1Pengilly’s

Pengilly’s craft melodies from a mess of noise, combining “orchestral arrangements with beats, shouts and inventive verse”. Frequently referred to as ‘folktronica’, they pick up the pace where Jeremy Warmsley left off, writing sombre and often bitterly haunting tunes with traditional, acoustic instrumentation. Neither ‘rousing’ indie nor through-and-through prog, their music grasps at new ground for the British music industry. Put simply Pengilly’s aren’t just talented; they’re unique.”

Pengilly’s – Toby’s Hill by Music Liberation


“Brooklyn girrrl-fronted-pop three piece EULA hurtle at you with precise, frenetic energy. Armed with their new single “Texas Stampede” a hurricane of bass, drums, guitar and screeching all crashing into each other like a mess of arms, legs and bodies. Whilst threaded with the spooky, “whereee were yououuuuu” refrains regale you with tales of a particularly messy catfight, this is the thoroughly disconcerting mayhem that flickers with memories of the demented sound of Melt Banana. When it lets up for breath the sneering, bounce along melodies of front lady Alyse is more Sleater Kinney. As a listener you’re now sat bolt upright, nodding your head, and if you know the words singing along at the top of your lungs!”

EULA – Honor Killer by drunkenwerewolf



“More often than not female fronted punk bands get lumped together with the no wave and/or garage crowds, depending on whether they wear American Apparel or customised leather jackets. But Philadelphia’s Slutever prove there’s something notably independent stirring over the other side of the ocean. Alongside Atlanta band The Coathangers, the duo swing between the yelp of Riot Grrrl and the growl of first wave bands like The Runaways; pushing fun in front of political motivations, but standing guard of their convictions nevertheless.”

TWEEN DREAMZ by slutever

kindest lines

Kindest Lines

“Initially it appears obvious Louisiana’s Kindest Lines delicious reverb heavy lo-fi sound is inhabited with the ghosts of early Joy Division and The Cure. But somewhere on their debut long player Covered in Dust they settle on a feminine draped sound that’s somewhat more individual. Somehow reassembling the dark post punk era and flecks it with hints at disco sound of the next decade.”

Kindest Lines – Destructive Paths to Live Happily by Artrocker Magazine


Bos Angeles

“If you’re still mourning the death of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart‘s lo-fi bittersweet fuzz-pop songs after their recent album’s considerably higher production values and more obviously POP ambitions, then fear not! Because Bournemouth’s rather wonderfully named Bos Angeles could just be the answer to your little prayers.”

Bos Angeles – Beach Slalom by italianbeachbabes


Us Baby Bear Bones

“Brighton band Us Baby Bear Bones know how to channel their age to good effect. 19-year-old Puff Gandolfo and 20-year-old Daisy Emily Warne write and perform charming, ethereal music with a sense of undying innocence.”

SAMPLER by Us Baby Bear Bones


Roxy Rawson

“When Roxy Rawson launched her peculiar attack on the music industry, her emblem of choice was a pink robot. Using a plucked violin set to ethereal vocals, her music embodies a similar mix of feminine whiles, a cappella, convention and the bizarre. Rawson treads were few others dare, and finds herself squarely in the bracket of folk punk.”

(Previously only available to Pledgers)
Roxy Rawson – Girls wanna have fun by drunkenwerewolf

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