The Minutes – Heartbreaker

the minutesThey say that guitar music is dead, and to an extent I guess they are right. On the one side you have those polite indie boys who I’m sure would turn down their volume knobs if the venue asked them to, then on the other side you have those bands who scream their way through a song to the point where any emphasis on an idea or a melody is lost in translation. But there are bands out there, with the soul of the fifties, sixties and seventies, bands like The Black Keys and now, Dublin based, The Minutes (a terrible band name, but let’s forgive them for that, The Beatles is hardly a life changing band name!)

Heartbreaker, their single from debut album (released earlier this year) Marcata is a rousing old-school rock and roll track that has ideas of blues but doesn’t fall in the trap of becoming The Black Keys or The Racontuers. Imagine Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but without the nonsense and you’re about there with infused vocals, a raw guitar melody and the ability to make me want to drink Jack Daniels and hell, The Minutes manage all of this in around three minutes.

Sure it isn’t original, sure it isn’t groundbreaking, who knows, it might not even impact on the music industry at all, but this is a fantastic song to get ready to a night out to, or even to dance to during a night out, which is what I’m sure The Minutes were going for when they wrote it.

So guitar music is dead hey, someone clearly hasn’t told The Minutes, and if it is, it seems they are here to try and resuscitate it.

[rating: 4]

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