Preaching from the Pews: Soccer96

socer96Brighton duo Soccer96 forge together an urgent inventive framework of parred back instrumentation and old school synth sounds, stapled together with full on live recorded drum work. Their rather ace debut album, engineered by Joe Watson (Stereolab) and Jack ‘Silko’ Eveleigh (Dam Funk, Neon Indian), mastered by Kelly Hibbert (Flying Lotus) is released on the 24th of March. Highlights include the twitchy voyage of samples, handclaps and screams that characterises skittish opener ‘Level8Clouds’ meanwhile ‘Call To Arms’ is the most recognisably song based tool in their armoury, giving birth to a style somewhere between the squealchy off-beats and playful synth patterns of Cats in Paris, and a juddering vocal that owes a little to LCD Soundsystem, but stripped of all pretense, and ending up in a joyous breakdown of foot stamps and anti-materialistic diatribe and a vague chorus. It’s wicked!

At only their third such brutal outing, our adrenalised heroes met the visiting Rob White. He’d escaped playing in and producing underground acts in England for archiving music with monks in Tibet. Audiences would say he’s swapped one form of enlightenment for another.

“We were talking about consciousness a lot, playing computer games and jamming. Rob told us to make a record – and he had the passion to make it happen. He was certain we should go analogue and record live takes onto tape.” -Dan

Rob’s considered take on the Soccer96 sound? “Distilled reduction meets epic intent.” He still hasn’t made it back to Tibet.

Danalogue – Juno 6 and SH-09, vocals
Beatamax – Drums

Live Dates:
Saturday 24th March  – Album Launch – Green Door Store, Brighton.

Soccer96 Soccer96 have already shared stages with Three Trapped Tigers, BLK JKS, Dan Friel (Parts & Labor) and Islet.

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