Gecko – Safest Bet

Chirpy pop from this London-based quartet has echoes of both Jack Johnson and Nizlopi. Bright instrumentation and half-rapped vocals, with a simplistic piano line skipping around in the background. It builds towards a rather limp chorus with boyband-ish sing-a-long aspirations, elsewhere a breakdown of the chorus is rather unfocused and cheesy, whilst the lyrics leave a lot to desired, especially when repeated ad nauseaum as the song shuffles merrily towards its close. It’s a cheerful, glazed-over tune, but rather insipid.

More optimistic is the Call Me Al-style intro to What You Gonna Do?, Will’s vocals having more of a shabby Jamie T feel, and there are echoes of 90s pop hit How Bizarre by OMC. Thanks to some rather spirited backing vocals and jangly, uplifting acoustic guitar this track manages to cobble together a certain summery lightness even when it becomes derivative of other spluttering indie-street pop acts.


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