Track Of The Day #26: Disappears – Pre Language



Today’s band are called Disappears and they hark from Chicago. They create a mixed bag of sounds and the closest comparison I can think of is blending The Stooges with Bauhaus, if that isn’t too frightening for you. Their third album “Pre Language” has just been released and if you like your rock to come from the garage(*)then sample the attached.

*Garage rock originated in the sixties when hordes of bands were attempting to mixblues with rock. The initial sounds werevery crude and difficult to bear, resulting in a formal movement by disgruntled parents in several US States, getting local judiciary laws passed that banned the music being played in public. Lyndon Johnson was President at the time and his daughter, Luci was an avid fan of the movement and persuaded her father to step in. He attempted to overturn the law but met with severe hostility and the final compromise was that the music could be played but only within the confinesof a garage. In tribute to her, The Kingsmen, when playing their hit ‘Louie Louie live, changed the words to ‘Luci Luci’.

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