GIITTV Introducing: Tides Of Virtue


Vocals – Nick Jupp
Guitar – Paul Lawford
Guitar – James Otero
Bass – Michael Ruggieri
Drums – Travis Stewart

Interview by Darren Cullender

DC: Guys it’s awesome to speak with you all, how has 2012 started for you?

TOV: Thanks man, its great to talk to you! Yeah it has started great! We have been working hard on all the new material for our next release, which is now coming together really well. We have a new single, new video and new merch all about to drop so were keen to get that all out.

DC: James , since the beginning of Tides Of Virtue, there has been a line change 3 times, with Bass, Drums and Lead Vocalist all changing at some point. How has this effected your progress as a band over the last 3 years?

JAMES: Obviously when someone decides to move on or if they are not working out it is a hindrance and does delay things. At the same time if it’s not meant to be, then there is no point forcing something that doesn’t feel right. We have had a few line up changes along the way for various reasons, but we have always simply dealt with it and got on with doing what do.

DC: Travis, coming into such an established band from Essex, how was it for you to play for them the very first time?

TRAVIS: Its a great step up for me and the guys in the band have definitely mad it easier for me! First gig was intense, played well and it was awesome to see the crowd move! Thankful for this awesome opportunity, Stoked for things to come.

DC: What Tours can we see you guys on this year?

TOV: We are hitting some dates in Europe April / May time and have other tours in the pipeline at the moment, this is all on top of playing single shows in the UK & Europe. So we are going to be very busy on top of recording the next release then touring that! We are all really excited for this year!

DC: Your next gig is with Chimaira, how do you guys prepare for this, and how exciting is this for you guys?

TOV: Yeah it is going to be awesome and we are all pretty stoked to be honest! If you had said to us/me a few years ago that we would support them, then we/I would be like “no way”. I personally saw them live a lot when I was younger so it does bring back a lot of memories from early shows that I went to. Plus it is always good to reflect on the past!

DC: Paul, what has been the best tour you’ve been on with Tides Of Virtue so far?

PAUL: My favourite tour was when we first went to Belgium, the reception and treatment we got from the people and the fans was amazing! I think we sold out of CDs and merch on the trip, there was even a guy head banging, front row in a head brace! Wish guys had that dedication to music at every show!

DC: Now with the band fully complete, are we seeing the final line up for Tides Of Virtue?

TOV: Right now I can honestly say that the line up is the best it has ever been. It’s good to know that you’re amongst equals and that everyone can and wants to put in what is required. Paul and I (James) are the only 2 remaining “original” members from when Tides started, but the whole original member thing means nothing to be honest. If things don’t work out with someone for certain reasons or someone isn’t feeling it, you cannot hold them back or let them restrict what you want to achieve with the band. Since joining, Nick, Mike and Travis have all brought a lot to the table and made the band more of a solid unit, which will be shown in our next release.

DC: ‘Broken Walls’ is going to be your next single, when is it being released?

TOV: Our single ‘Broken Walls’, along with the video are both released on March 28th. We are all so keen for people to hear the track and see the video. We have all put in a lot of hard work and hope that people like the new material! Keep checking our page for details over the next week, the wait will have been worth it, we promise!

DC: With Tides of Virtue hitting over 400 gigs across UK and Europe, are you going to work for yourselves i.e. the likes of Enter Shikari or push for a Major Record Label?

TOV: For three years we have essentially been working for ourselves playing as much as possible in the UK and Europe. It has been great to play that many shows, make some amazing friends and get to see loads of great places. Late last year we joined the SGR Management family alongside Heart In Hand, TRC, Hang The Bastard and loads of other awesome UK bands. Stu has really helped and guided us and its great to work with someone who really knows his game. With Stu now on board the remainder of this year and into next year is going to be so exciting and we cannot wait!

DC: My Final Question lads. This year seems to have been a great start with new video, new album and new merch. What else can the fans look forward to from you guys?

TOV: Without giving to much away about the next release, we hope that its going to be out this year and cannot wait for everyone to hear what we have been working on for quite a while now. Along with that, we will be playing a lot more and the new set has some new tracks which will be on the next release, so come to a show and hang with us!

DC: Definitely! See you at the next gig!

Tides Of Virtue – Broken Walls


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