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Track Of The Day #47: The Dandy Warhols – Rest Your Head



Just out is album number eight, ‘The Machine’, from The Dandy Warhols. Everybody knows ‘Bohemian Like You’ but few know anything else by the band. Much of their material is far deeper and less commercial and the latest album has a healthy mix of both. Check out today’s track ‘Rest Your Head’ It sounds like The Frank & Walters!

I genuinely liked the first Marina & The Diamonds album a couple of years ago. It was a poor man’s Florence Against The Machine, but a worthy set of tunes all the same. Well the lady has released her difficult second album, strangely enough not too long after Flo. Well let me tell you, she’s lost that affinity now…..because she wants to be Lady Ga Ga instead, It’s banal disco pop that really has no place in the current scene nor in my record collection – Bummer Album Of The Week!

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