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The Joy Formidable – Wolf’s Law – video / mp3 download


The Joy Formidable have been over in the USA for what seems like months, holed up in some rural outback in Maine when they’ve not been wowing the crowds live. Anyone half in the know is aware that they’ve got the new album, the second ‘proper’ one, more or less in the can, and that they’re going to make us wait until the new year for it.

This week though has seen a intense burst of activity here in the UK. They’re playing Reading and Leeds at the weekend, and did an intimate but intense warm-up at the Lexington on Tuesday – an aural feast from what we hear.

Part of the excitement of that show was that they are starting to play the tracks that will be on the new album, which we’ve been told this week will be called ‘Wolf’s Law’. There’s a track of that name too, but in unpredictable way that only TJF can manage, the ‘Wolf’s Law’ track won’t be on the ‘Wolf’s Law’ album. OK…. Instead it’s been released into wild right now, to whet our appetites. It does what TJF do best – starting out all intimate, just Ritzy and a piano, building and building until the wave eventually crashes onto the beach. When you’ve done watching the video – there’s a link to download the track for free HERE


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