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GIITTV’S Joe Coyle grabbed a bit of time with Rowetta from The Happy Mondays to talk about comebacks, reality tv, touring and making new music.

Hi Rowetta. It looks like you have had a bit of a manic schedule in the run up to Christmas.

We are used to it now. As a band we have been doing it a long time. Im used to travelling around but it’s better with the band. It’s a lot better than being on your own.

What’s it like to get the whole band back together?

We are getting on a bit but it’s exciting because I never thought the Mondays would reform they way it has and the public are loving it.

I didn’t speak to Shaun for 12 years and I didn’t speak to Paul for 13 years but now we have all moved on and it’s great. We all love each other and love being on stage together.

We all get on a lot better nowadays. People’s problems don’t exist anymore. It’s very well known about people’s drug habits. Everyone has grown up a lot. Shaun always goes home to his kids now. Me and Bez still party a bit. It’s just a lot more sane.

As a band you are back in the studio as well. What differences are there to last time?

1992 was the last time we went in the studio together. Being in the studio writing it is a lot easier than it used to be. We aren’t waiting for people to arrive on time. There are no arguments. It’s great and I think we still have that edge about us still when we gig. We still have something different about us. I’m so glad we all got back together, we are like family.

Creating new music is brilliant but we love to revisit the old stuff so their isn’t too long a gap while we are away from the fans . Sometimes you have to go back to move forward.

What upcoming dates are you most looking forward to?

We are really looking forward to the Manchester gig on the 22nd of December because it’s a new place ( Victoria Warehouse) we haven’t played before. Also really looking forward to the Roundhouse gigs in London because I have sung in the studio part but I have never sung on the stage there. 2 nights at the Roundhouse will be great cause we all have friends in London. The fans always travel from all over to see us which is great. I love playing Glasgow too but we aren’t doing it this year but we should be next year.

How do you think you reality show appearances have affected the band?

We have all done really well with our reality show experiences. I did it first with X Factor then Bez did Big Brother and Shaun did the Jungle. I think we did well because we are all down to earth Mancunians and people relate to that. A lot of people on these shows pretend to be something they are not or are doing it for the wrong reasons. If you are honest about why you are doing it and just be yourself it comes across. The reality show thing got us another audience, people who didn’t really listen to us before.

We have always been a band of the people. People come out to party, they know all the words, it’s nice we mean something to the fans. We have no heirs or graces and our fans relate to that.

How do you feel about ‘The Manchester revival’ ?

One of our most popular gigs we ever did was G-Mex, it was a huge gig. Sold out both nights and 808 state were with us then like they will be at The Roundhouse. With the Stone Roses reforming its opened the doors for a lot of people and got everyone’s tastebuds going for that sound again.

There is a real big demand all over the world for Manchester music again and it’s fantastic. It’s exciting for us. We still all do our solo stuff but there is something special when we are all together in the Mondays. People have so many great memories of us. I do worry sometimes that sometimes because of the sizes of the gigs that not everyone who wants to see us gets to see us but will be touring all through 2013. The next week or so is a great way to finish the year which has been brilliant for us.


19/12/12 LONDON ROUNDHOUSE with support from 808 State Soundsystem and special guest + HAPPY MONDAYS OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY WITH BEZ at Lockside Lounge Camden

20/12/12 LONDON ROUNDHOUSE with support from 808 State Soundsystem and special guests + HAPPY MONDAYS OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY WITH BEZ at Lockside Lounge Camden



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