Teaser: Youth Lagoon – Mute

Youth lagoon for those unaware of such things – me included – is the melodic alter ego of one Trevor Powers whose debuting ’The year of Hibernation’ was born out of a personal experiment to map the trails of his mind through minimalist and ambient sounds. So not quite your girl meets boy musical discovery fair then but then providing enough of a passing interest for the fat possum imprint to raise an enquiring eyebrow or two and sign him to their enviable roster wherein he was cajoled into touring said set before being guided back into seclusion to pen a follow up only to emerge into the radiant sun light some months later with a new bag of tunes under his arm in the guise of ’Wondrous Bughouse’.

’Mute’ culled from that impending set is a gloriously trip dipped dream coat of sound, best experienced through cans in order to enhance the headphonic experience within, there’s something busy signals like about its wares which once connected to ear space form what can only be described as a huge pulsating ever growing orb inside the headspace upon which sits a demurring carnival of sound that one suspects finds itself located on a psychedelic ice cream van marshaled by Spiritualized under the warping tutelage of the animal collective. Utterly hypnotic, mesmerising and out there. Any questions.

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