TheLaughingGnome: Heil The Duke

TheLaughingGnome: Heil The Duke

Unseemly, awkward, rude and laudable behaviour, it’s GIITTV’s daily dose of David Bowie foibles.

The lengths some artists go to fully immersing themselves in the culture of their adopted foreign city can sometimes go just too far. Not content to absorb the more liberal leanings of the German capital, the not so thin white Duke went a little overboard, picking up some very unwelcome ticks whilst abroad. Such as the good old Nazi salute…guaranteed to upset everyone.

Thankfully the sanctimonious left have nothing to concern themselves with as it was all a misunderstanding, and fatuous one at that: an extenuation of some dictator cliche musings that somehow painted the polymath as a secret admirer of the Third Reich. Throw in some ill-judged conspiracy theories linking together his references to Nietzsche and satanic practices, and you have a perfect shit-storm of delusional scorn poured on a glib singer, bounding around philosophies, ideologies and controversial subjects purely because they sounded good and rhymed.

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