Track Of The Day #234: Hiatus - We Can Be Ghosts Now

Track Of The Day #234: Hiatus – We Can Be Ghosts Now

Can’t quite recall from where or who exactly we picked this up from. We do know we got it via one of those face book alert update things you know the type of thing hilarious video postings and messages from people who’ve forgotten they’re not on twitter updating you of their every move as though there be you sitting green with envy that you wish your life was theirs though obviously without the bits where they’ve cared to tell you that they’ve just returned from their fifteenth toilet visit in the last two hours. Or else the postings from wags of pictures of luxurious landscape views bathed in sun – meanwhile there’s you sitting in some god forsaken winter-land which when occasioned by the yellow thing in the sky has quarters of the population running for cover fearing the apocalypse or a visitation by a huge psychedelic telly tubby.

Anyway whichever thread we picked this up from – many thanks – because in all honesty its quite a cute little thing. Currently being aired by Dummy – alas no back hander payments for the impromptu publicity – somewhere below this ramble you’ll find the video – incidentally directed by Tom Jobbins – accompanying the song ’We Can Be Ghosts Now’ by Hiatus. And before you ask – indeed no we don’t have any startling information about Hiatus – but would like some – except to say that this features vocals by Shura who may / might be Hiatus and then again not. So before we find ourselves up another verbal cul de sac we’d just like to say that this is a delectable cutie, deceptively infectious and longingly traced with a gorgeously after lights out lounge like sophistication prepped with funky loops teasingly tousled over the top of cascades of serenely shy eyed lunar swirls that leave Shura to weave her caressing dream like tonalities with carefree abandon. Nice video and all – all in all does it for us.

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