Anne Marie Almedal - Winter Song

Anne Marie Almedal – Winter Song

Something else that’s been turning our head and ear this last day or two is this frosted tipped beauty from Norwegian songstress Anne Marie Almedal. Taken from her – we are assuming – debut full length platter ‘Memory Lane’ via +47 – I think – a copy of which we‘ll try to haggle though undoubtedly we won‘t succeed given our recent track record (like why do I bother – could just as well make this so easy for myself and rewrite the press release and claim it as my own) – ‘Winter Song’ is a disturbingly sweet and affectionate love note the likes of which you’ll need to go some to better all year, traced with a mercurial classicism that coos fulsomely to a youthful Ms Bush crafting by way of its tenderly turned and consuming romantic rush and yet dimpled by the delicate etching of pastoral brushstrokes that usher in the fleeting recall of no less a legends than Linda Perhacs and Susan Christie whilst simultaneously primed with a genteel stripped back poise of the type alluding to the dainty songbook of Serafina Steer – quite frankly in short that I’m afraid translates as class in our books.

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