The smallest record shop around? 1

The smallest record shop around?

VOD Records has to be one of, if not the smallest record shop you will ever see in your life. That picture? That’s it. And yet inside (to be fair it does go back quite a way) there is a remarkable amount of music crammed in, really interesting stuff. The shop is squeezed between a pedestrian crossing and an alleyway in the otherwise somnolent North Wales market town of Mold, whose only musical connection, albeit a very good one indeed, is that Ritzy and Rhydian from The Joy Formidable both grew up here. Ritzy’s music nut of a dad John is a regular in VOD.

It is run with frightening enthusiasm by Colin Trueman, who is also responsible for a steady network of Record Fairs across North Wales, always good for a Saturday afternoon rummage. This year, as well as someone serenading the queue outside when the shop opens at 9am, they’ve got live music laid on. Usefully given the size of the shop, this will be in the nearby Daniel Owen Centre, along with the Record Fair.

I’ve banged on before at GIITTV about how a guy by the name of Ross Roberts is doing remarkable things to the local live music scene with his ROPE productions, and he will preside over a very decent line up of
Do your utmost to get there for Keith Astbury, around 11am I believe, he’s the punk-est wielder of an acoustic guitar you’ll see all summer and rapidly gaining a local following.

Being ever curious about how to make a living in music, I popped a few questions to Colin

How important is RSD to you?
Very important to all Independents, the positives by far out weigh the negatives, best excuse for a great day for music lovers

What special plans do you have for RSD this year?
An acoustic set outside the shop while people queue (hopefully!), doors to shop open 9am. There will be a Record Fair about 75 yards away in Mold at the Daniel Owen Community Centre which starts 10am. This year we have hired the upstairs of the Centre and this will see Live Music, DJ’s, Hi-Fi demos and Art…all kicking off about 11am. Should be epic!

How does a small shop without acres of rack space- indeed you are the UK’s smallest record shop – decide what to get in, for RSD and indeed for the rest of the year?
It is an honour to be a part of this global event, size as they say doesn’t matter its what you do with what you have.

Do you find yourself selling music that you like?
I never judge tastes, I do sell a lot of music that I like, but I’m always prepared to have my eyes opened.

How do we stop those gits in front of me in the queue buying the Flaming Lips four disc set (have I got that right?) and then having it on eBay the same day?
You got the Flaming Lips spot on. There will always be (as in all walks of life) people who take advantage and that’s sad, but in our experience in Mold I don’t think that the case, most of the people who turned up last year are regulars and very supportive towards the shop and our Fairs.Not being able to reserve is an important and crucial part of RSD but personally I feel disappointed if customers can’t get their hands on the title they are after……

So what’s the state of the nation for independent shops then? Only this week I heard of a new one opening..
Independent Record shops are doing well despite difficult times in retail. The HMV situation, contrary to what people might think, is very sad. I feel there is still a need for a High Street presence and it must have affected a lot of bands. There is always room for choice

What’s your hot tip?
Hot tip has got to be get to the shop early on RSD, as there are over 200 shops participating and some releases are limited to 250 you can do the sums to see how many will be available in-store at any one shop….and I really want people to get what they want. But whatever, it’s a day for you to enjoy yourself, so join us in Mold!


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