'Tickling My Fancy' Musical Revue #4

‘Tickling My Fancy’ Musical Revue #4




Join me on yet another grand tour of the unfamiliar, unusual and most interesting sounds to have tickled my particular appetite during April.

This months spread includes Dulcet Malian desert blues, instagram toned summer pop, modular glitch cinematics, cocktail jazz and a respectful nod of acknowledgement to Richie Havens, who passed away this week.

‘Tickling My Fancy’ also previews the brand new compilation of soul, funk and jazz treasures from the one-man in a Bavarian town run label, Tramp Records: celebrating ten years in the business of compiling lost finds from private recordings.


Bethia Beadman – ‘Georgia’ featured on the Dark Mountain Project’s From The Mourning Of The World compilation, curated by Marmaduke Dando (released on June 6th)



Nathan Haines – ‘Universal Man’ featured on the forthcoming The Poet’s Embrace LP (released May 6th on Warner Jazz)


Bell X1 – ‘Starlings Over Brighton Pier’ from the upcoming LP Chop Chop (released July 1st on Belly Up Records)


Eleanor Friedberger – ‘Stare At The Sun’ leading single from the upcoming Personal Record LP (released June 10th in Europe, on Merge)


Saturday Looks Good To Me – ‘Break In’ from the upcoming LP One Kiss Ends It All (released May 21st on Polyvinyl Records)



Samba Toure – ‘Be Ki Don’ from the upcoming LP Albala (released May 6th on Glitterbeat Records)


TM O’Neill – ‘Inbetweens’ (released April 29th on Square 1 Productions) Also recently featured on the God Is In The TV Record Store Day Treasure Hunt Compilation


VariousMovements Vol.5 teaser for Tramp Records latest compilation of forgotten soul, funk and jazz nuggets (released on April 15th)



//Fiocz – ‘Subtyping’ from the forthcoming Social Cognition LP (released 29th April on Glass Reservoir)



The Obituary

Tribute to Richie Havens: an imitable version of George Harrison’s Here Comes The Sun (this performance 1971), and part of that synonymous opening from Woodstock (1969).

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