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Preaching from The Pews: Blisseyes



Blisseyes are a London/Cambridge four piece who rather mysteriously describe themselves as a “Post-Punk/Art Pop quartet from the UK.” Which doesn’t really do the two tracks they’ve uploaded online so far justice! ‘Hold’ is striking, a booming baritone yearningly thumps its fist through a rhythm that sways then scampers off into the distance through a waterfall of ambient-gaze. It’s the conflicted sound of frantically trying to hold onto someone you care about who has fucked you over a few times(‘I won’t forget what you did to me’), which is a restless business for all concerned.It’s the sound of longing given a widescreen canvass….

Manson’ meanwhile initially shows a tenderness before exploding into a crushing declaration of affection: it’s tumbling drum and insistent basselines: brings to mind the post punk angularity of early Interpol and the ornate fatalistic lyrical couplets are redolent of the shadowy- epicness of early Simple Minds, the final repeated refrains ‘nobodies coming to save you’ are like the externalising of every doubt in your head. It’s quite simply superb! Blisseyes clearly have huge potential…

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