Bummer Album of The Week: Travis – Where You Stand

Bummer Album of The Week: Travis – Where You Stand


At the back end of the nineties, UK indie was on the wane, opening the doors to many second generation copycat bands. Some were actually not that bad, with Embrace standing out as one such. Well I remember going to a gig where they were supporting the mighty Longpigs and third on the bill was a band called Travis. Their debut album wasn’t actually that bad to be fair, but once they starting crooning about flowers in windows it was time to abandon ship. Well incredibly they are still going and about to release their seventh album, ‘Where You Stand’. It has no flower references as far as I can tell but it certainly doesn’t have any redeeming facets to it either – wholly unnecessary and Bummer Album of the Week.


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  1. I agree. From this week’s column: “Their first two albums were brilliant and their third was flawed yet impressive enough. But ever since they seem to have become increasingly boring, and their sixth LP fails to arrest their decline. With the exception of the lovely Lennon-esque ‘Warning Sign’, the bright ‘On My Wall’, and the surprising ‘New Shoes’, ‘Where You Stand’ is a bland, uninspired effort that offers very little in the way of memorable songs. Much of it drifts by aimlessly, uninteresting songs that are short of hooks and lacking in vitality. The choruses fall flat where they used to soar and Fran Healey’s vocal delivery id dull as dishwater. It’s not an unlistenable record, just an unremarkable one that fades into the background no matter how many times you play it. Travis sound desperate, tired and in need of some new ideas…”

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