Biohazard, The Underworld, Camden, 22nd of October 2013 7

Biohazard, The Underworld, Camden, 22nd of October 2013


It’s been a long road for one of NYHC’s finest, but Biohazard roared back through London unbroken and unbowed for one of the funnest and sweatiest shows in a long time.


Original bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfield may have moved on to other projects, but he is ably replaced by the hulk that is Scott Roberts. The rest of the band seem like they haven’t aged a day since ‘Urban Discipline’ put them on the map back in ’92. Opening with that album’s ‘Shades of Grey’, Biohazard work their way relentlessly through their back catalogue: ‘What makes us tick’ ‘Wrong side of the Tracks’ ‘Tales from the Hard Side’ are the perfect soundtrack to the flurry of activity both on and off the stage, as the stream of stage divers and moshing matches the pace of the music.


Billy Graziadei has lost none of his trademark growl and scowl, but it’s all tempered with smiles and good humour, it might be a hardcore show but that doesn’t mean it’s can’t be fun. Bobby Hambel rips out the leads, spinning like a whirling dervish, and Danny Schuler is still a monster on the drums, mixing Hip Hop Syncopations with the Punk rock and Metal. It’s this mix of backgrounds and styles that make Biohazard such a ‘New York’ band.



A cover of Bad Religion’s ‘We’re only gonna Die’ helps bring the set to a close.

It’s over run, it’s late, everyone from band to crowd is drenched in sweat, but so so happy.






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