The Girls Are magazine has launched……

The Girls Are magazine has launched……

TGA magazine, the UK’s only print publication dedicated to women in music, launches its first issue in December 2013.

A 64-page, beautifully designed, hand-numbered quarterly, TGA profiles the most exciting women in music, covering emerging talent, established icons and industry innovators. Each issue will feature global artists, fresh new music, exclusive content and bespoke artwork.

“We’re excited to offer an alternative perspective” says the magazine’s Editor Annette Barlow. “Historically, music magazines have been skewed from and for a male perspective. But that’s not reflective of their potential audience. I’m tired of finding music magazines in the ‘men’s interest’ section”.

Boasting high-end design, original photography and long-form journalism, TGA will occupy a unique space between the immediacy of a digital publication and the frequency of weekly and monthly print magazines.

“Print isn’t dead” Annette says. “If you want up-to-the-minute news, you go online. If you want a beautiful artefact that you’re going to re-read and keep for years, you pick up a magazine. It’s not one versus the other – they serve different purposes”.

The inaugural issue sees LA psych foursome Warpaint on the cover, with Kim GordonMicachuSky Larkin, TheesatisfactionLady LeshurrVuvuvultures and many more appearing across the magazine.

The TGA team is comprised of journalists and photographers from The GuardianNMETime OutMelody Maker and Q.

TGA is available for pre-order via the website:

£6 for the magazine (
£10 for mag + bag (



TGA is brought to you by the team behind sister website, a platform promoting and supporting women in music. Founded in 2009, the site has fast become the go-to guide for women musicians, regularly appearing on 6 Music with Tom Robinson and Nemone.

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